Soccer Registration

Step One – Soccer Facility Registration:

(For Safety and Contact Tracing Purposes at games)

This is required for all players, coaches, parents and spectators who will be at the Edmonton Soccer Facilities for the indoor season (this is where games will be held). You will be provided with a unique number upon registering that you will have to keep and use for entry into the facilities, ensuring staff can trace all people on site for added health safety purposes.

Soccer Facility Trace Link:

Step Two – EMSA Portal:

(For insurance and Governing Body requirements)

You are asked to register in the EMSA portal to ensure insurance regulations are met. You will not be asked for any payment to register in the EMSA portal. Payment requirements come in under Step Two below.

EMSA portal link:

Note a few very important pieces of information before you start the EMSA portal registration process:

Create account – it may take anywhere from a few minutes to hours to receive your email confirmation. It may land in your spam or junk mail.

Community – The system will select the home community you entered when creating the account. The system should ask you to confirm your address and community has not changed. If it has, please be sure to change it prior to registering your players, make sure to change the community as well as the address for each person on the account. Your player registration will default to your home community but you may choose to request a transfer to any community you wish to play for or select you “Want to Play premier/club” if this is desired. Your transfer will not be approved until after the registration process is complete and space is confirmed or tryouts are attended (for club players)

Community League Number – EMSA Supports Community leagues. In order to play within EMSA please purchase a community league membership at you will be asked to input this number. The membership period begins in August 2020 and runs until July 2021.

Registering to an age group – you will be registering players not to individual teams but to a general age group at this time and your player will be placed onto a team once team formation is starting. Be sure to include any player or coach requests in the registration form.

Step Three – Team Snap Registration

(For payments, player confirmations, league registration and team management)

The final step of EMSA North player registration process includes registration in Team Snap. Team Snap is a Sports Management Tool that EMSA North teams use for all communication between players and team officials.

It is also used for payment of fees, collection of confirming player documents and ordering of the EMSA ID Cards. Be sure to only register in team snap once based on what program you are looking to be a part of.

Community Soccer, Click here:

Club Soccer & Tryouts, Click here:

Please note that Club does require tryouts and the dates will be posted for the tryout events end of August at if you are wanting to tryout please ONLY register with the club link above. You will be charged the tryout fee (non-refundable) only at checkout, once the player is accepted onto the team you will be charged the club fees. If the player is not selected for the team the payment of fees will be cancelled. If you want the player to play with Community if unsuccessful at tryouts, please reach out to [email protected] prior to October 1st so that we can register you in community and find a space on a team.

Once you have completed the team snap registration and paid our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you to select a volunteer commitment.

Note that your registration is not considered complete until all three of the above steps are completed, including selection of a volunteer commitment. Players will not be placed onto a team if their registration is incomplete. If you require further assistance with registration please email [email protected]

Thank you.

Edmonton North Zone Soccer Association & North Side United FC