About Our Playschool

Fun Things We Do At Our School

  • Class and individual photo at the beginning of the year
  • Grad photos for those in our 4 year old program
  • Monthly field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • End of year party

Parent Involvement

Volunteer Time Required:

  • 1 mandatory fundraiser for the Playschool per year
  • 1 bingo per child registered per year for the community league
  • Field trip helpers if required.

We are Community League based and membership is required. Memberships will be available at the March Open House and the August Final Registration.

Playschool Committee Positions
Baturyn Community League Playschool will need parent volunteers to organize fundraisers and social events.  Volunteering for a Committee position is a great way to be hands on in the decision making of the school. These positions are key to our success and it is very important parents consider taking on one of these roles. The Committee meets one evening per month or as needed to perform their duties. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact our Playschool Director. Please look at the Positions document by clicking here to see a description of each position.

The positions on the Committee available are:

  1. Financial Assistant
  2. Secretary
  3. Parent Coordinator

*more positions may be added as needed throughout the year


(3 year olds): $100/month

(3 year olds): $100/month

(4 year olds): $135/month

(4 year olds): $135/month

Class Sizes

All classes can only be a maximum of 14 students

***Child must be 3 years of age to start playschool. If child is not 3 by the first day of classes they will be able to attend on their 3rd birthday. Please note you will be required to pay all monthly fees to hold the spot until their third birthday
***Child must be 4 years of age before March 1st to attend four year old classes
***Child must be toilet trained

Fundraising Continues All Year Long

Help Baturyn Community Playschool raise some money!  We have a few different fundraisers that happen throughout the year.

What are the fundraisers for?
All funds profited will be directly used for the benefit of our students.  These fundraisers give the Baturyn Community Playschool funds to support the students with parties, special crafts, gifts and field trips with the following expenses typically paid for: yellow busing, admittance to the activity and/or for the activity to come into the classroom. These all enhance the students learning experiences

Don’t forget to share these with family and friends!