Playschool Committee and Volunteer Information

Baturyn Playschool Contacts 2019-20

[email protected]

780-473-1915 *Classroom

Our Playschool is a parent-operated program, supported by the Baturyn Community League. We have no paid administration staff and rely solely on parent volunteers to help our school operate, allowing our teachers to focus on school programming and the children. There are a variety of positions for parents to choose from and we encourage families to select a position that matches their skills and/or interests.

Volunteering for a Committee position is a great way to be hands on in the decision making of the school. These positions are key to our success and it is very important parents consider taking on one of these roles. The Committee meets one evening per month or as needed to perform their duties. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact our Director.

Please consider joining the Playschool Sub-committee if you have experience in non-profit organizations, minute taking, accounting or website management. These positions are essential for the overall well-being of the Playschool and are difficult to fill.

For all Committee positions you will have support from the Baturyn Community League Board, as well as full support of the teacher.

Please consider taking on a position to be involved in your child’s school and help us run a successful program. Click on the button below to learn more on a specific Committee description.