Streetlight Survey

BCL is very excited to have neighborhood renewal coming to Baturyn. Start date for the renewal is 2023. As part of the renewal process the streetlights will be replaced. Standard streetlights (galvanized standards) are included in the renewal project. Baturyn residents have opportunity to upgrade the standard poles. If residents vote for upgrade the neighborhood lighting additional costs (those over and above the standard streetlight costs) are funded by Baturyn property owners based on lot size.

The purpose of this survey is to seek which option Baturyn residents would prefer, This is a single opportunity to provide input into the streetlight design until the next renewal which is estimated to occur in another 40 years.

If you live (own or rent) within the borders of the Baturyn neighborhood, please complete this quick two minute survey. Survey closes May 10th.…/1FAIpQLSebMnyYCoL…/viewform…

For more information about upgrades and estimate costs involved please visit…/Baturyn_Cost_Sharing_Handout…

To see the most recent draft of Baturyn’s neighbourhood renewal please visit . There is a design survey link on this page which is open now!