About Our Playschool

Fun Things We Do At Our School

  • Class and individual photo at the beginning of the year
  • Grad photos for those in our 4 year old program
  • Guest speakers
  • End of year party


3 AM
(3 year olds): $110/month
Morning (9:00-11:30am) OR Afternoon (12:45-3:15pm)

4 AM
(4 year olds): $150/month
Morning (9:00-11:30am) OR Afternoon (12:45-3:15pm)

Class Sizes

All classes have a maximum of 17 students.

Fundraising Continues All Year Long

Help Baturyn Community League Playschool raise some money!  We have a few different fundraisers that happen throughout the year.

What are the fundraisers for?
All funds profited will be directly used for the benefit of our students.  These fundraisers give the Baturyn Community League Playschool funds to support the students with parties, special crafts, gifts and field trips with the following expenses typically paid for: yellow busing, admittance to the activity and/or for the activity to come into the classroom. These all enhance the students learning experiences

Don’t forget to share these with family and friends!